The '$4,000 at 80mph' Close

*No speed or traffic laws were broken (kinda)*


The guy I closed was orignally going to work as a closer for my agnecy.

He wasn't ready yet - but I liked his energy.

I had to deny him the position, but we stayed in touch for a couple of days.

A week later, on a random Tuesday when I was driving from Spain up to Germany, me and this guy struck up a convo. just via Whatsapp messages.

I called him - next thing you know we agreed upon the fact that he needed mentorship.

And after that quick 10min call, I said I woud think about it...

And then call him back.

What Happened Next:

Well, as promised - I called him back.

And I just said what came naturally to me, which was:

Just bear in mind...

But long story short... I closed him.

(He was completely broke, so I collected a $1,000 deposit)

How did I do it?

Well - see for yourself!

Watch the vid below. It's the entire second phone call.

They key to this close was...

Bulletproof tie downs - watch the vid below

In Summary:

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