The '$10,000 Pay in Full' Story

"You're a wizard with words Lucien!"

Meet Tycho, an agency owner from the Netherlands.

Look him up - he's real!


He was struggling to close clients for his lead generation services for approx. $1,500/month.

Our Idea:

I should teach him how to pitch and close better. But before that, why don't I step in as his closer.

I'll take his sales calls for a few weeks so that I can perfectly understand his niche and the problems he's facing when he's trying to close clients.

Current Situation:

Tycho went 30 days without closing a new client. And before that, he was closing approx. 8% of his calls.

Also, the offer he was closing people on was for approximately $1,500/month, or $3,000 PIFs (Pay-in-Fulls) if they paid upfront for 3 months of service.

His service is basically: He helps property management agencies acquire more properties through lead generation.

He had never collected more than $3,000 of upfront cash from a client.

This is where the magic happened!

What Happened Next:

1. Tycho assigned me a few calls for the next few days with prospects that had been booked from cold emails.

2. I got my script, pitch, and demo ready.

3. I set myself a goal of closing at least one $10,000 client in the next few weeks.

4. The SECOND call I took, this happened -

That's right. A $9,996 upfront payment. From a prospect that had never met me or Tycho.

Here's the proof (in Stripe)

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And here's an email from the prospect

This was sent minutes after the sale. Zero post purchase regret. Shows that this was an ethical close!

The craziest part:

How did I do it?

I could write 100 pages about this, but if I break it down simply it was just understanding the prospect's needs, showing him I understood his pain, presenting myself as an expert, giving a crystal clear pitch, and halding objections like a pro.

Seems simple when it's in writing, but thats 2 years of daily sales experience all wrapped up into a 120 minute call. But all of that hard worked paid of. $10,000. Up front. Bang!

In Summary:

Watch The Reaction Video

See how Tycho reacted momenets after the call

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"Dude... I'm making double what I normally do, and that's after I paid you your commission!"

Tycho Moolenaar
(right after I closed a $10k agency client for him)

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