My Story, Thus Far

Turbulance and turmoil destined to become success

Born Red Blooded

There was always something within me. Something burning away, fueling every type of thought, decision, and action I took. I always wanted to be different. To go above and beyond.

Even as young as 5 years old, I was organizing my own wrestling shows at home, for the whole family to enjoy. Printed out tickets, names on seats, intro songs, merchandise – the whole lot.

As a young teenager in school I had my own sweets business; I’d stop off every day after school at the sweets-kiosque (a mini-candy store) and haggle and negotiate my bulk purchase, then go home and package them up, prepare samples, track inventory, and get ready for the next day ahead. I’d rinse and repeat this process for weeks, until eventually, copy-cats started springing up – most of which got caught, and ruined the fun for the rest of us.

At age 16 I attempted to launch a dropshipping Shopify store, at age 17 I had an Instagram optimizations business, and at age 18 had a web design agency.

I never left a shop or market stand without at least trying to make a deal, get a discount and save some money. I ran trading centres in online-multiplayer games. I always bought and sold collectibles, as early as age 11.

There was always something inside of me – – – a hustler mentality, a desire for more, a hunger for success.


Trials and Tribulations

Life quickly went from a barrage of business ideas, energetic days and all-around fun to sad and lonely days, weeks, and by the end, years. I eventually did develop the ability to overcome this downfall, but it took years of pain and sacrifice.

I’ve learned to always spare the details – no one cares. Instead, learn to tell a good story, that’s when people start listening.

The root cause of this downturn I experience could be attributed to a number of reasons; trouble in the household, accidents and injuries, addictions, and so on and so forth. The reality is that I allowed myself to slip into a perpetual state of low energy, zero self-esteem, and instant gratification-seeking laziness.

Whilst taking full accountability for the situation, I now, retrospectively, wish that I had someone to guide me out of those times. However, it was that lack of guidance that allowed me to have such a meteoric rise and make such a profound change in my life – I absolutely learned everything the hard way; through brutal, harsh truth.

It was only recently that I was able to pull myself out of the dark void of a reality I had imposed upon myself. Nothing, I repeat – nothing, has, and likely ever will come close to the sensation of being able to look back at my previous years of inadequacy, destructive-indulgence and sheer incompetence, and be able to say to myself, “I made it out. I made a change, and I did it alone.”

No one is stronger than the person who manages to pull themselves out of a bad situation, alone.

I went from someone who didn’t want to get up in the morning, who spent every waking hour numbing themselves through video games, shows and other forms of entertainment, to jumping out of bed, every day, without fail, and saying let’s do this today – as if it were the last. I had relit that flame inside of me.


The Chessboard of Life

Whatever the situation is, my philosophy stands as follows;
You must, with an obligation to your bloodline, family and your last name, make the absolute best move possible. 

That way of thinking was absent throughout the vast majority of my life. It led me down a reality I wouldn’t want to experience again.

Again, I will spare the details. Moving forward my plan is to do exactly what I am currently doing; analyse my current situation, as well as the state of the world as a whole, make the best possible decisions and execute on them.

My aspirations go beyond the realm of the perceived-possibility most had for me. My goals are harder to achieve. My vision is bigger and my appetite for success, freedom and prosperity only grows by the day. But that’s what keeps me going; not every milestone I hit, but the thought of hitting the next, the journey I embark on every time, and the juxtaposition of initial pain to the delayed satisfaction of checking off the next goal from the list.

As Nietzsche said; “I know of no better life purpose than to perish in attempting the great and the impossible.”

And I agree– The Purpose of life is a life of purpose.

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