How 100 Pushups a Day Will Set You Free

Delayed gratification will set you free

Releasing Dopamine

The age we live in is filled with constant, dopamine-spiking, readily available distractions. Like many, I was at the point where opening Instagram didn’t even take a mere second of thought or effort – it was muscle memory as my brain was on autopilot on its way to get the next hit of free dopamine.

Now there’s nothing inherently wrong with spiking your brain with dopamine, but it’s all about how you do it. Dopamine release can be used to build the kingdom in which your dream life exists, but it can also be the roadblock in the way of your first step to freedom.

One of the most invaluable skills you must learn before embarking on your journey to success, regardless of your current situation, age, gender, aspirations, goals, industry, and so on…, is the ability to delay gratification and make the very process of releasing dopamine go from a debilitating distraction to a rewarding motivation.


Defining Gratification

As defined by our favourite dictionary, Google, gratification means the following; “pleasure, especially when gained from the satisfaction of a desire.”

The reality is that everyone must define their own gratifications and use them as tools for encouraging good, disciplinary and consistent behaviour. If instead of grabbing your phone and opening Tiktok every time you had the urge to mindlessly scroll through 7-seconds videos, you instead did a micro-productive activity and then subsequently used the act of scrolling through social media as a reward for your good behaviour, you would end up loving micro-productive tasks.

We must learn to put in the hard work first, and then reward ourselves later.


Shaping Our Own Reality

You must learn that actions lead to consequences – always.

As basic, simple and evident as it may sound, I found myself often times forgetting this simple fact. When we realise that our actions, whether we take them consciously and with intent or not, do in fact lead to a specific consequence, and whether that consequence is desired or not, we must come to a realisation that we are indeed in control of our lives.

The second, much more challenging step is realising that through consistent, well-thought-out, intentional and repetitive action we can completely alter our own reality and manipulate the world to bend to our own will. The biggest issue is that most of us, including myself 12 months ago, have never experienced that kind of power –

–we’ve never experienced the power of bending our reality. The power of getting exactly what we wanted.


Why Doing 100 Pushups is The Key

Here’s where it all comes together – doing 100 pushups a day is the perfect blend of the dopamine release that eventually leads to the formation of our own reality through delayed gratification.

If you do 100 pushups a day, for 6 months straight, your arms will be bigger–guaranteed. Moreover, every week you will be able to do more and more pushups and they will become easier to do.

The key point is the delaying of the end result. If you do 10,000 pushups in a day, then stop and don’t repeat the next day – your arms aren’t getting any bigger. You aren’t getting any fitter. Doing your pushups consistently will teach you that results come not by doing a big push once, rather results will be a by-product of consistent micro-efforts.

You’ll wake up one day, take a mirror selfie and think–holy shit, is that me? And that’s when it will hit you; the consistent effort every day leads to a real result. You’ll realise that you can indeed intentionally cause real change, and that right there will be the most important realisation of your entire existence–

–you will truly understand that your life is in your hands. You are in full control. You will lose the victim mindset. You will get back in the driver’s seat. But you will also understand that things take time and consistency is an absolute, non-negotiable requirement.

To conclude, doing 100 pushups a day for 6 months straight, with no breaks, taught me one thing above all, and it’s that;

Extraordinary achievements come from doing ordinary things an extraordinary amount of times. 

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